(Sapporo,Otaru,Frano e.t.c) Best Price! Sightseeing Taxi !

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J Plaza Seiyu Nishimachi branch
Arrangement for Taxi,Coach,Jumbo

 General Travel trade No.2-419
Cirthfied by Governor of Hokkaido
Seiyu Nishimachi branch minami 6
choume nishimachi nishi-ku Sapporo

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◆Profile of Hiroshi Watanabe
Mr.Watanabe worked for JTB 26 years.Finally, Retired When he Take in Charge manager of Sapporo Mitsukoshi branch. In the same time He Establishment J ECO TOUR CO.,LTD. He Always Remind for Good Consulting services that Provide High quality Arrangement for Multi Size Coach/ Micro Bus/ Jumbo Taxi/ Sightseeing Taxi and Guide. He work hard on this business every day Specialist of Tourism Consultant to be! He had been Foreign countries More than 90 times.

Arrangement Sightseeing Taxi, Jumbo Taxi, Chartered Coach forward Otaru, Sapporo and anywhere in Hokkaido!

◆Sapporo outskirts and anywhere in Hokkaido. Please let us Know your Requirement !
We offer best deal for you that Sightseeing Taxi with Hotel / Various meal /Chartered Jumbo Taxi/Chartered Coach. Because We have 5 Branches in Sapporo and Sapporo outskirts.。

55,080Yen/day ONLY! ~ (Charter Cost of Micro Bus (or Small Coach) which Departur from Sapporo) Please Comparing with another !

◆We could offer Micro Bus (Max.22 passengers)Only this Price! Chartered Coach and Jumbo Taxi is available best price too!
Also Booking for Another Various Vehicle( Middle/Large size of Sightseeing Coach) and Arrangement Local Guide. All of You might Fully enjoy and Satisfied that Travelling Hokkaido.

Provide for Sightseeing Taxi / Jumbo Taxi/ Chartered Coach with whole Arrangement!

◆Sapporo outskirts and anywhere in Hokkaido. Please let us Know your Requirement !
We could offer best price of Chartered Various Vehicle (Coach, Jumbo Taxi, Sightseeing Taxi) that since Our Veteran Operator Collaborate with Challenging Group of Private Taxi for kindness guide. In Additional Provide : Airport Pick up / Golf course Pick up / Jumbo Taxi Sightseeing plan for Sapporo, Otaru, Furano, Touya-ko, Tomakomai, Noboribetsu, and Micro bus(or Small Coach), Middle Size Bus, Large Size Bus.

◆[Challenging Group of Private Taxi for kindness guide].  
We will introduce the key staff as Follow We Collaborate with J ECO TOUR CO.,LTD in Order to Challenge good service, guiding, Reasonable Price. We are served with Chartered Taxi which use 2000cc Sedan type, also available for Chartered Jumbo Taxi which max.9 passengers and Chartered Various Coach.